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Making A Choice Between Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles!

For any inexperienced and non-professional, the difference between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles is scant. One can’t really blame them for this mistake since both products fairly resemble each other to a great extent. In terms of touch and feel, they are also almost the same!  
However, despite the fact that both tiles are crafted through a similar process, there happen to be some critical differences between the two. In view of this, it is important to understand both these tile flooring options. In order to pick the most effective file flooring option for your property, you must understand the differences between how each type of tile benefits you. Let’s begin.

Benefits Of Ceramic Tiles

If you are looking for ceramic tiles for sale in Weston FL, you should rest for some time before finalizing a decision. Ceramic tiles are definitely a worthy investment and they offer you numerous benefits. Some of the advantages you get with them are listed as follows

Unglazed Ceramic

This is that type of ceramic tile that has a more natural feel to it. Since it is unglazed, this feature becomes its strength as compared to other types of tiles. Unglazed ceramic tile is affordable, durable but it is not good water resistant.

Great Versatility In Design

As dyes are used in the making of ceramic tiles, this makes them one of the most diverse flooring options available in the market. Ceramic tiles are available in almost any color that you like. These are sold in certain patterns too if that’s what you are looking for.  


In case you or someone in your family has allergy issues, ceramic tiles offer the perfect solution! These tiles are not only easy to clean but they also do not harbor allergens.
Asking your local flooring installers would be a right step to ensuring whether or not ceramic tile would suit your place.

Benefits Of Porcelain Tiling

Having discussed the benefits of ceramic tiles, let’s now move to the second type of tile. The porcelain tile will offer you the following benefits

Water Resistance

Porcelain tiles are crafted to be denser and less porous. This property makes them highly liquid resistant. This means porcelain tiles are perfect for use in areas such as bathrooms, basements and other damp location.
Very few options are better than porcelain tiles in case you need flooring that can hold up well against moisture.


If installed carefully, you can enhance the durability of porcelain tiles to a great extent. Ensuring the prevention of cracks and other issues will have an impact on the overall life of the flooring. If you need something better and more durable, porcelain tile is simply better than all.

Simple Maintenance

As porcelain tiles offer greater durability, they are simpler than other types of tiles to maintain. All they require is regular washing and cleaning of the grout in between. This practice will keep porcelain tiles in shape for years. Even if these tiles become cracked or damaged, they’ll still be looking great as they carry a uniform color.
In view of these benefits, you can decide for porcelain tile installation for your property or you can pick the ceramic tiles. Whatever choice you are making, make sure that you understand all the complications involved.

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